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Punchlist Pick-Up

One of the most difficult things about nearing substantial completion and owner occupancy is completing punch list items while you are simultaneously cleaning.  You clean one area only to have it covered in saw and or drywall dust the very next day. Furthermore, we know the struggles getting your subcontractors to complete their punch items in a timely manner and before occupancy so as to not interrupt your client’s operations. 


The solution is MBS integrated punch list pick up and cleaning services.  We can complete nagging last minute punch items while cleaning right behind the work.  From routine items to more complex tasks we work with you to get the job done. The faster punch is completed, faster your retention is released.  With our outstanding rates, superior quality, and flexible terms, we’re the one two punch for superintendents trying to deliver quality projects on schedule.  


Example scope:

  • Paint touch-ups

  • Drywall repairs

  • Caulking

  • Door and cabinet adjustments

  • Access panel install

  • Plumbing fixture install

  • Acoustic ceiling install and repair

  • Tile work and repairs

  • Appliance hook-up

  • Millwork install and repairs

  • Flooring install and repairs

  • General moving

  • Don’t see it on the list, just ask!

Man Measuring Window
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